Friends of the Earth and Crowdfunder team up to make communities #10xGreener



Up and down the UK, there are streets and communities in need of a green makeover. With over half of wild species in the UK having declined in the last sixty years. It has never been more important to make space for nature in our communities.


Friends of the Earth and Crowdfunder are therefore inviting communities everywhere to apply for the #10xGreener accelerator programme.


Ten urban nature projects will be selected to receive £500 in start-up funds along with full training on how to run a successful Crowdfunder campaign to raise further money. Bringing nature into urban communities leads to a huge range of benefits, from improving mental health to helping wildlife such as birds and bees.


The competition follows a pilot project on London’s Daubeney Road, which has seen the local community empowered to make its streets 10 x greener with vanloads of plants, bughouses, soil and plant pots.


Hugh Knowles, innovation director at Friends of the Earth, said:


“Greener streets are better for people, nature and the environment. They boost our physical and mental health, and also help wildlife to flourish in urban areas. We’re excited to hear the ideas from communities up and down the country who want to make their streets 10 x greener.


“Friends of the Earth has a long history of working with community groups to support environmental change at a grassroots level. By teaming up with Crowdfunder we’ll be able to empower a new wave of local projects making a positive change to their community.


Simon Walker, Head of Campaigns at Crowdfunder, said:


“Crowdfunding is all about bringing communities together to create a unified positive impact, and Crowdfunder is all about helping small groups do this on a grander scale. We’re delighted to be working on this competition with Friends of the Earth, which we hope will empower many neighbourhoods, long into the future, to collaborate, raise money and create an uplifting social and sustainable environmental impact across the nation”


The competition launched on 3rd September at 09:00, with entries closing on 10th September at midday and winners will be announced on 11th September.


Register your interest now to make your neighbourhood #10xGreener.