Dear friends and allies,

What a year it’s been for us here at Crowdfunder. We’ve been so busy (and lucky to be busy and to do our bit to help) but, until now, we’ve not had much time to take stock of what we have achieved, so here’s a quick overview of 2020…

We are extremely proud to announce that we raised just under £120m through our platforms in 2020. 


The headlines!


£68m for the National Emergencies Trust through their DoWhatYouCan website, powered by Crowdfunder. This has been distributed through the 40+ Community Foundations supporting those in need across the UK.

£7m of direct fundraising for projects affected by COVID-19.

£2.5m for PPE and a further £3.3m for other NHS support projects.

£1m for food banks.

£10m for businesses directly affected during the crisis.

£2.25m for startup businesses.

£500k for festivals.

£4.4m for sports clubs across the UK plus a further £1.6m for football clubs alone.

£1.4m for theatres.

£3.4m for music venues across the UK.

£500k for Stagehand, the back room crew charity, to support the live music industry.

£750k for people to buy assets in their community.

£500k to support Black Lives Matter campaigns.

Plus another £12m for other community projects from Lands End to John O’Groats.

In addition, we are happy to share that…

2 million people have now used our platform.

We waived £1.3m of our fees during the crisis as a further contribution.

Our HQ [CSpace] has been the location to provide NHS meals…

And we have donated over 75 beds, 50 televisions, and other furnishings to Cornish charities from our refurbished hotel space.

It’s been busy, as I said. To achieve all this and keep the machine running I would like to take this time to say a very big thank you.

Thank you to all the Crowdfunder team for their unrelenting support in helping this happen. Plus, of course, to all the tens of thousands of project owners, and, most importantly, the great British public, the crowd, who have made this happen. In a terrible year, the overwhelming feeling that if we all come together we can do something to make the world a better place is the total highlight of what we do. You are all amazing.

Thank you so much.

2020 Can ‘do one’ now and we can move on and look forward to 2021. Let’s hope, as well as being able to continue to support hundreds of thousands of people who are still in need, we can also help start to get people back on their feet. We’ll be here waiting to help again, as best we can @CrowdfunderUK.

Happy New Year.


Rob Love

Chief Executive

1st January 2021