This year marks the 27th anniversary of the declaration by the UN’s General Assembly, in its resolution on 22nd December 1992, to recognise every 17th October as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

At Crowdfunder UK we are championing the work of The Sovereign Thriving Communities Fund, a partnership with the Sovereign Housing Association to make a difference in the lives of their residents, and the communities in which they live.

Sovereign are driven by a social purpose, one that recognises the importance of having a home and the difficulties faced by so many to find one. With over 60,000 affordable homes to their name, they are creating positive and quality spaces for communities to flourish.

Poverty is an international subject but one that is all too prevalent here in the UK, with 22% of our own households living in poverty. In perspective, that’s nearly a quarter of our population. The definition of relative poverty is drawn from households earning 60% (£17,760) of the median UK household income of £29,600. The impending lockdown to services in areas considered third tier, in line with the latest coronavirus restrictions, could cause further hardship. The support package offered to those in the service sector who can’t work, will cover 2/3rds of their income and for those on minimum wage this could push them into poverty.

Torbay Food Alliance

In the town of Torbay in Devon, 32% of people are amongst the top 20% most deprived in England. The Torbay Food Alliance started in March 2020 as a direct response to Covid-19. In what seems to be a rare and refreshing approach, the 12 organisations in Torbay which had served the community separately, providing food and support to those most in need, came together ‘to meet the demand for food as a united front’.

Without the hard work of these incredible people, so many would have struggled to feed themselves and their families. To facilitate their operations and enable them to meet the vast increase in demand for their support, the Torbay Food Alliance ran a crowdfunding campaign in April 2020, raising £32,526 from 204 supporters. The total funds raised included £4,000 in +Extra Funding from The Sovereign Thriving Communities Fund, who are offering up to £10,000 to support projects located within 3 miles of a Sovereign Housing development.

A common goal to ensure that no-one in Torbay goes hungry during this crisis

These organisations who have a diverse range of experiences, have banded together to serve their community. They are working to ensure that those in Torbay who have no money for food, are in self isolation, or have lost their normal support networks, can access parcels of groceries, essentials or hot meals, if unable to prepare food themselves.

The Sovereign Thriving Community Fund has so far backed 21 different projects, you can see them here and find out more about the +Extra funding available.

If you’ve got a community project that’s based within 3 miles of a Sovereign Housing development, you may be eligible for up to £10,000 in +Extra Funding.

Start a crowdfunding campaign today, to help those in poverty or on the edge find the support they need.