Since the news first broke of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, charities and other groups have tripled their fundraising efforts to support those affected. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an increase of Afghanistan focussed crowdfunding campaigns on our platform which are looking to raise money for everything from mental health support to basic essentials such as shoes and toiletries. You see, many Afghans had to leave everything behind when they fled the country, including family, friends, and possessions. 

The outpouring of support from our crowd has been incredible and truly shows what can happen when people come together to help those in need. In fact, including Gift Aid, almost £800,000 has been raised so far!

Looking for ways you can help? Here are six of the campaigns that are in need of your support right now. 

The Refugee Council’s Crisis Appeal

The Refugee Council has seen an increased demand for their services, particularly for urgent mental health care, and their teams are working around the clock to help all those who need it. The funds raised through their Crowdfunder will support their vital work, ensuring no one falls through the cracks. 

So far they’ve raised £332,011 and an estimated £3,531.75 in Gift Aid. 

You can support the Refugee Council here.

In case you missed it, a group of us here at Crowdfunder are fundraising for their appeal as part of our walking challenge! 

Turquoise Mountain Trust’s fundraising appeal 

For over fifteen years, the Turquoise Mountain Trust has been working in Afghanistan with a community of 200 dedicated staff, over 4,000 talented artisans, hundreds of students at their vocational training institute and primary schools, and thousands of families that visit their health clinic. 

With an established network of programmes and staff, they can provide support in the form of emergency food and supply distribution, healthcare services for children and families, and support for individuals and communities. But they need your help to do it. 

So far, over 5,878 supporters have come together to raise £291,665 and an estimated £50,962 in Gift Aid.

You can support Turquoise Mountain’s fundraising efforts here.

Parachute Regiment Veterans’ Support Our Afghans appeal

The Parachute Regiment‘s purpose is to provide life-long financial support to elite Afghan soldiers and their families, helping them to evacuate Afghanistan and settle and thrive in the UK.

Through their Support Our Afghan’s appeal, which was featured on BBC Breakfast, they aim to raise and distribute £100,000 to enable them to offer bespoke welfare, education, and employment initiatives so that every soldier and family member can become an independent, valued, and respected member of society.

So far they’ve raised £44,344 from 598 supporters. Can you help them? 

Refugee Education UK’s Afghan children emergency response

Over the years, Refugee Education UK have worked with over 400 Afghan children and young people in the UK, supporting them to build positive futures through education. Now, with the current crisis unfolding, they’re raising money to help as many children arriving in the UK as possible.

Afghan Children Emergency Response

A donation to their campaign will…

  • Ensure those arriving from Afghanistan are given the information and resources to thrive.
  • Provide practical, emotional and psychosocial support to the dozens of Afghan children and young people they are working with. 

£35,373 (plus an estimated £3,207.50 in Gift Aid) has been raised so far. 

Can you help them hit their stretch target of £50,000

Fridays for Future climate activist appeal

Due to their tireless work to create a sustainable future, climate activists in Afghanistan have become targets. Fridays for Future are in contact with youth members on the ground and are working with state officials, trusted NGO partners and supporters to help those affected by this situation.

They’re raising urgent funds to get targeted activists out of the country. Your donations will pay for flights/transportation, visa fees, support, legal fees, and any other costs involved in getting them to safety. 

So far, they’ve raised £20,355 and Greta Thunberg has already shown her support for the cause.

Support FFF’s climate activist campaign here

Kent Refugee Action Network’s mental health support

As a registered charity, Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) work with young refugees who have experienced trauma in their home county or on the journey here. Now, with the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, mental health support is needed now more than ever. 

By donating to their Crowdfunder, you’ll be funding therapeutic activities designed to support mental health and wellbeing and specialised mental health support provision for refugees who are more severely impacted. 

So far a crowd of 323 supporters has raised £11,136, plus an estimated £2,285.50 in Gift Aid. 

Together, across all six of these projects, the crowd has raised an incredible £794,870.75 (including Gift Aid) for refugees and those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.