The Aviva Community Fund won Gold for the Best engagement of an internal audience in a CSR programme at last night’s Corporate Engagement Awards.

The Aviva Community Fund, which launched in 2019, strives towards building stronger, more resilient communities across the UK by helping small charities and community causes. Aviva  deliver funding and support all year-round, and every three months split £250,000 among their UK employees to donate to the projects that matter to them most. This enables Aviva to directly incorporate their employees into their CSR initiative,  empowering and engaging internal audiences.

Jude Brooks, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Aviva said; We are delighted to have gained this recognition for the Aviva Community Fund at the Corporate Engagement Awards. Crowdfunder’s platform enables us to engage our people in a really powerful way, as well as supporting small causes across the UK to build stronger, more resilient communities. We’re so proud of the impact we’ve been able to achieve together.” 

Rob Love, CEO, Crowdfunder said: “Some time ago we set-out to transform the way that corporates engage with their staff and in turn help transform their communities through CSR distribution and Crowdfunding. It’s an intoxicating mix of funding, validation, community spirit and acknowledging that ‘we all CAN connect our work life with our life life’.  Last night, our amazing partners Aviva won GOLD at the CEA 2021 Corporate Engagement Awards for ‘The Best Engagement of an internal audience in a CSR programme’. I could not be prouder that our product, ‘Crowdfunder Connect’, is at the heart of making that happen.  Thanks so much to our amazing partners at Aviva and thanks to our team here at Crowdfunder.” 

Comments from the judges;

“An excellent idea  which clearly demonstrates Aviva’s commitment to charities”

“Love this innovative idea which engages, inspires and empowers people to be involved”

Andrew Thomas, publisher of Communicate magazine and founder of the awards, commented; “The last two years have been without precedent. We have all had to cope with new ways of engaging with the people, organisations and brands that touch our lives. Companies have also adjusted and the focus on reputation has become so important.”

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