Why wait? Why wait for someone to tell you what to do, or how to do it? Nobody is going to give you permission. I’m Jess Ratty, an entrepreneur, and I’m on a mission to help women get started with their own brilliant businesses!

Here’s just one of the amazing conversations Jess has been having:

Meet Lauren Aston, the creative mind behind the chunky knits Lauren Aston Designs.  You can read more about Lauren’s story and find out her top tips for being a girl boss here! Reach deep, dig down, listen to your heart and harness your determination – the side hustle you’ve always wanted to run, the podcast series you’ve always wanted to launch, the book you want to write, the career you want to build for yourself, the decisions you want to make off the back of your own gut feelings…just do it.  Business is hard, but it’s harder not allowing your dreams to happen and watching your ambition sit in the box at the back of your mind. I’ve been travelling around the UK interviewing women who are doing it for themselves, the women that form a part of 6% of the UK economy who are running their own businesses. The 6%. It should be the 50%. Or at least the 30%… I’d settle for the 10%, for now. We are on a new journey. Empowerment, sharing knowledge, business people opening their hearts and minds to working together to build an even stronger economy, an equal one—addressing not just the gender gap but all inequalities (we all know how much work there is to do on that front). I’ve learned a lot from the women I’ve talked to. That bravery in business is earned, being bold is a skill that comes after you’ve taken that first step, and success will never be a destination. It’s a journey. I’ve failed so many times. The very business of business is about navigating constant failures waiting to happen, and overcoming them. Sometimes they are not surmountable so you take yourself off in a different direction. That’s a success right there—the pivot between settling down with failure as a bedmate and walking away. For those of you who are planning on taking the leap into making your own ideas happen, there is so so much support out there, so much opportunity, so many avenues to help. The Back Her Business programme is all about matching your money, your ambition with support, with plans, with advice. Don’t read this and move on, read this and do something. Even if it’s about bashing your thoughts out on a piece of paper, signing up to gain all the access you need to the content and going to look at the next stage of your big plan. I hope you’ll join the journey with me, watch the vids, enjoy the content and the vast wealth of experience we have combined. These women I’m with are nothing short of walking inspirations. We all started out just like you, women with a passion for an idea, and now we want to help you make yours a reality. Join us. Follow my journey here: