Black History Month for many is a time of celebration, a time of reflection, a time of allyship and a time to have uncomfortable conversations. The truth is, we should not have to wait till October every year to do what is needed surrounding eradicating systemic racism and improving the economic playing field for all people. Unfortunately, it took for the killing of George Floyd to bring about this awakening and now with companies and leaders going back into their cooler, my concern is that we have not yet successfully created something that exists independent of corporate frameworks that can be used as a tool to help bring about the change we need to see.
It is with this in mind that I publicly released a letter to my son, as a vehicle to bring about continuous dialog and tangible change regarding the black community and the wider landscape. And I have partnered with Crowdfunder who are helping give their platform to drive change and support toward my efforts with the Black British Network.
It is a shame that it has taken for the recent killings of black people, to bring about this awakening and my hope is that by the time my son is 20, he does not have to fight these same battles that we are fighting today. Please read the letter and if it resonates with you, please support my crowdfunder and sign up to be a part of the Black British Network. Together We Are Stronger
Cephas Williams