Once again Crowdfunder and M&S Energy have joined forces to launch the M&S Energy Community Fund Competition.

If you are committed to being environmentally conscious through installing renewable technology or energy efficiency measures, or you’re looking to do your bit for the planet, both M&S Energy and Crowdfunder are ready to extend their hand and help community projects.

This year they are encouraging projects that are reducing use or increasing recycling of plastics, and those actively taking part in carbon saving initiatives such as tree planting or increasing the use of electric vehicles to take part.

15 ideas will be chosen and will be in line to receive a share of £50,000, up to £5,000 each, in match funding from M&S Energy when the projects crowdfund to raise money. As well as the offer of additional funding and the chance to harness the power of the crowd to generate more interest in their initiative, all competition crowdfunding projects will receive one-to-one coaching from Crowdfunder, as well as a programme of online help and support. 

It’s already worked for initiatives over the last few years. Check out a few below…

The Players Theatre raised £36,445 from 328 supporters and received £5,000 from M&S Energy.

Precious Plastic York, who benefited from £2,500 from M&S Energy, raised £7,855 from 156 supporters.

Climate Action North raised £7,919 from 62 supporters, with £1,000 of support from M&S Energy.

It is easy to enter, all you have to do is tell M&S Energy and Crowdfunder about your project to tackle the Climate Emergency in 100 words by visiting this page.

Crowdfunder CEO Rob Love said ““This competition enables people to make tangible contributions to climate change in their own community, and UK-wide. Crowdfunder is proud to be partnering with M&S Energy to distribute their fund and support people making real, positive change to the climate emergency.”

Entries close on Monday 11 October at midday, see the eligibility criteria for more info.

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding on the Crowdfunder platform is a way for people to raise money. It works through individuals donating to crowdfunding projects in return for a reward. Unlike applying  for a loan, there’s nothing to pay back at the end and you can validate your idea, and grow your community.

If you have an idea, you can enter here!