COVID-19: Crowdfunder UK is 100% fee free. No platform fees. No transaction fees. No Gift Aid fees.

Virgin Money Giving and other fundraising platforms such as Just Giving and GoFundMe have been criticized for charging platform and transaction fees. People are charged to donate. Money is diverted away from the cause and into the platform.

At Crowdfunder UK, we know that there is another way to do it. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have dropped all platform fees. We are covering all third-party transaction fees and, for charities, we are also covering any third-party Gift Aid processing fees.

This makes Crowdfunder 100% free for any person or organisation (be that a business or a charity) wanting to raise money. Instead we rely on the generosity of those that can afford to, to tip our platform. It’s through these voluntary tips that we break even and can cover our staff costs. This model was initially established for charity fundraising in 2019, and we are pleased to be able to extend it to all COVID-19 related fundraising.

Crowdfunder UK is committed to doing everything we can to help people throughout this crisis.