As the cost of living crisis takes hold, animal charities have warned that more pets will be abandoned in the coming months.

This comes at a time when charities are already stretched to breaking point as pets bought during lockdown are being surrendered or left of the streets. These animals often have behavioural problems and require additional care, meaning they’re harder to rehome. 

Through their partnership with Nectar, Crowdfunder is championing the charities which are making a difference to sick, injured and homeless animals in need. Nectar Donate, an innovative scheme launched in January, enables Nectar members across the UK to donate their points to good causes and charities. 

These Nectar points, along with cash donations, will make an incredible difference to the animal charities struggling with increased demand, including the RSPCA, Blue Cross, and a number of smaller organisations. 


Increased living costs, combined with lockdown pet purchases, has meant that the RSPCA have seen a worrying increase in dog neglect and abandonment. Any support will ensure they can continue to be there for all animals during this time of crisis. 

They said, “95% of RSPCA officers recently surveyed identified the biggest cause of neglect they witnessed is due to the cost of care.

“Last year we received 3,644 calls from people asking for help with vet bills – a growth of 12% on the previous year and a trend we see continuing to worsen as private veterinary costs for an initial consultation has risen from £35 to £50. The increase in demand has resulted in us having to introduce waiting lists at our low cost veterinary clinics to cope.”

Blue Cross 

Blue Cross provides specialist care, services and support for pets and people throughout their life together. They offer veterinary treatment, behavioural advice, support with pet bereavement, education for future generations and help to find loving new homes for pets. 

In a quote on their crowdfunding page, Blue Cross stated, “We know times are tough right now. And we know just how much impact this is going to have on people struggling to support themselves, let alone their furry friends.”

There are a range of other small and local charities in need of your support, including Wildlife Rescue, Rain Rescue, and the Pet Food Bank. Head over to to find out more.