Like it always does, it started with a great idea.

The phenomenon of Crowdfunder has taken off in the UK, raising almost £80 million for tens of thousands start-ups, social enterprises and community groups.

To date well over one million Britons have pledged money to our projects that make a difference in communities across the country.

That makes us the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platform.

But our mission is growing and we passionately believe that crowdfunding can bring together communities around the world.

Supporters from more than 150 countries have now backed brilliant ideas in 90 countries on Crowdfunder. And our funding partners operate in over 50 territories around the globe.

As a result Crowdfunder UK has made an incursion into Canada, taking its team of industry experts and famous ‘Accelerator’ programme across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. And that’s just the start.

Introducing Crowdfund Canada

Crowdfund Beautiful British Columbia

In February we launched a localised new platform called Crowdfund Canada and competition to support projects making an impact on the west coast of the country called Crowdfund Beautiful British Columbia.

To mark the move we will pledge $200 to the first 20 crowdfunding projects based in the region, looking to raise $2,000 to make a positive difference in their community.

The campaign that attracts the most supporters through the new website will also receive an additional $2,000 contribution to their cause.

The expansion will be led by Founder and Creative Director Simon Deverell.

“Our move into Canada marks a milestone moment for Crowdfunder as we introduce our world-class product to new audiences,” said Simon.

“Within a few years we’ve grown from a start-up into a thriving business and the demand for our services is accelerating all the time,” he added.

“As in the UK, we will be working with projects that Kickstarter and Indiegogo are not, with a greater focus on community, social enterprise, political and activism projects, as well as businesses and personal causes.”

Working with international partners

Crowdfund Canada – partners

Crowdfunder UK has pioneered the use of collaborative crowdfunding in mass engagement programmes alongside the likes of Virgin, RBS Group, Santander and Aviva.

We work with more than 40 local authorities in the UK to channel essential public funding into community groups that need it most.

We have also developed a groundbreaking ‘staff giving’ programme, enabling big businesses to distribute their CSR budgets through their workforce into community groups through Crowdfunder.

“We welcome the opportunity to forge new partnerships with big brands and grant givers to engage thousands of individuals and organisations at the very start of their journeys,” said Deverell.

“The growth in our work with big brands is soaring and the impact that is having at a local level is significant.

“We’d love to talk to brands and organisations that want to join us on this very exciting journey in Canada, and beyond.”