• The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced a 2020 digital programme where artists and venues will live stream a series of online events.
  • Bespoke Crowdfunder site “FringeMakers” will enable artists and venues to raise vital funds to make up for estimated losses of £21 million. 
  • Crowdfunder is providing the platform fee free and covering all transaction charges to ensure all donations go directly to the cause. 
  • https://crowdfund.edfringe.com/

[Wed 15 July] The Fringe Society and Crowdfunder have teamed up to launch “FringeMakers”, a bespoke Crowdfunder platform to support Fringe artists and venues to raise vital funds in the absence of a physical festival. The platform launches alongside a digital programme of events led by the Society, artists and venues as “the show must go on”.

The artistic and creative industries have been among the hardest hit by the economic downturn following the coronavirus outbreak, with the Fringe landscape alone facing estimated losses of over £21 million.

Through the FringeMakers platform, venues and artists will be able to promote their events and secure donations from people supporting and attending the digital Fringe. Rewards for donations, such as access to a live streamed show, custom merchandise and exclusive content will be available. 

Crowdfunder is waiving platform fees and covering transaction charges to ensure every penny raised goes directly to the artists and venues. Crowdfunder is also providing artists and venues tailored support, including dedicated webinars, one-to-one coaching, and how-to guides, to enable them to raise as much money as possible during the month of August.

Simon Walker, Head of Projects at Crowdfunder said: “Crowdfunder is delighted to partner with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society to power the FringeMakers Crowdfunder platform. COVID-19 has dealt a particular challenge to the arts industry and we’re proud to be able to offer support to all the venues and performers with completely fee free fundraising on the platform.”

Commenting on the launch of this year’s digital Fringe activity, Shona McCarthy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Chief Executive, said: “It’s hard to imagine a summer without the Fringe. The explosion of creativity and community that the festival brings every year is unparalleled, and whilst we may not be able to provide a stage in Edinburgh in quite the same way this year, it feels hugely important that the spirit of this brilliant festival is kept alive.

“Little did we know way back in autumn, when we first started talking about this year’s programme artwork, how prescient the superhero theme would be today. We’re happy to be able to shine a spotlight on some of our Fringe heroes now, as we rally round to support the people that make your Fringe. On the other side of this, we’ll need them more than ever. 

“The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for the countless artists, audiences, venues, workers and small businesses that make this festival happen every year. The FringeMakers crowdfunding campaign is designed to support them, while the Fringe on Friday live show and the Fringe Pick n Mix website aim to bring some much-needed joy to our devoted audiences both here in Scotland and all over the world.”

Fringe on Friday variety show to stream as part of FringeMakers campaign

As part of the FringeMakers campaign, every registered venue and artist will have the opportunity to raise money for their project by selling tickets to a weekly livestreamed variety show – Fringe on Friday. 

Fringe on Friday is a 60-minute Fringe variety show, produced and curated by an independent production company, which will be streamed every Friday evening during the Fringe (07, 14, 21 and 28 August). This will showcase the best of the festival across a range of genres, including comedy, music, dance and cabaret. Venues and acts will all be given the opportunity to sell tickets to the broadcast and will keep 100% of the money they raise from these sales. 

More information about Fringe on Friday, including host and line up details, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Artists and venues can set up a Crowdfunder here: https://crowdfund.edfringe.com/

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