• The COVID19 crisis has left thousands of community groups in financial jeopardy.
  • ‘Pay it Forward – Communities’ will enable charities, community and voluntary groups to raise vital funds and engage with their local area through a community campaign.
  • 27 Local Authorities & Local Enterprise Partnerships and 7 funding bodies and 3 big businesses across the UK have pledged up to £8 million in match funding. 
  • Crowdfunder will extend its ‘fee free’ fundraising commitment and continue to scrap platform fees and covering transaction charges. 

[23 June] – Crowdfunder is launching ‘Pay it Forward – Communities’ to support community groups and charities with their post-lockdown recovery. Funds raised will be matched up to £20,000 by Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Big Businesses and Funding Bodies across the UK [full list below].

While many of our favorite community events and vital outreach programmes such as sport days, festivals, dementia cafes and youth clubs have been cancelled during lockdown, others such as food banks and mental health services have faced unprecedented demand. Both situations lead to a need for additional funding; to plug cashflow gaps or cover a surge in need. The expansion of these resources will also help to counter stark unemployment figures, which are said to have risen by 856,000 to 2.1 million in April [Office for National Statistics].

‘Pay it Forward – Communities’ will enable groups to raise vital funds and engage with their local area through community campaigns. Crowdfunder will provide free coaching and tailored webinars to support groups with their fundraising. It will also scrap all platform fees and cover transaction charges.  

Dawn Bebe, Co-Founder and Director, Crowdfunder, said:

“The acts of kindness, love and generosity that we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic have been heartwarming and a vital part of seeing us through the crisis. However, the aftermath of the pandemic is likely to be even harder than the initial emergency. We are incredibly proud to be working with so many brilliant partners, and thank them for extending and renewing their commitments to funding grassroots organisations through Crowdfunder”

Su Johnston, Partnership Manager, Crowdfunder, said:

“While the Central Government financial response to the emergency was both quick and generous, there are gaps and future needs. We’re seeing some community groups move further into crisis, while others now need funding for recovery activities. We are pleased to be partnering with Local Authorities and organisations to meet these challenges through the distribution of vital match funding for those community groups set up on Crowdfunder.”

Pay it Forward – Communities is an extension of Crowdfunder’s successful Pay it Forward campaign for small businesses. Pay it Forward for small businesses has seen over one thousand small businesses raise over ten million pounds during the crisis. 

How Pay it Forward works:

  1. Community groups, charities and small businesses can set-up a Pay it Forward campaign here: [https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/funds/coronavirus-crisis].
  2. Once set-up projects engage their community – family, friends, stakeholders, local residents etc – in a community campaign and fundraising effort.
  3. The project sets a financial target to meet and throughout the process, coaching is provided by Crowdfunder to support the group to meet this target.
  4. Once the financial target is met, match funding is released. *
  5. The total sum of the money is then released to the community group, charity or small business.  

*the project may be eligible for a match fund pledge of up to £20,000 as long as it raises 50% of funds from the crowd.

Local Authorities, Enterprise Partnerships and Funds that have committed match funding include:

For more information: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/funds

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