Britain’s Chairs, CEOs & Presidents leading the charge who have today pledged to support the Donate the Rebate campaign on inc: 

  • Amanda Blanc, Group CEO, Aviva plc 
  • Christine Hodgson CBE, Chair, Severn Trent 
  • Jon Lewis, CEO, Capita 
  • Gavin Patterson, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Salesforce 
  • John Neill CBE, Chairman and CEO of Unipart 
  • Louise Kingham CBE, Head of Country UK, SVP Europe, BP 
  • Sarah Bentley, CEO Thames Water 
  • Raman Bhatia, CEO OVO Energy 
  • Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman Channel 4 

If adopted widely, millions of pounds could be redistributed to the poorest in society. is working with leading charities, including Turn2Us, National Energy Action, Fareshare and the Trussell Trust to share the donations directly to those most in need.  

The Chancellor announced on Friday 27th May 2022 that ALL households will receive a minimum of £400 each (funded by a windfall tax on huge profits from oil and gas giants) as part of new measures to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Every household in the UK will receive at least £400 back towards their cost of living, whether they need it or not, and those fortunate enough to own more than one home will receive more than one grant.

Crowdfunder CEO, Rob Love, is asking those that are more fortunate to consider donating all or a part of their £400 rebate to help Britain’s poorest and most vulnerable.

The Chancellor has agreed to donate the £1200 he’ll receive for his three households to charity, and a YouGov survey showed that that 61% of those surveyed* agreed with the Chancellor’s own suggestion that people should consider giving their rebate to charity to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Lord Jim O’Neil commented on the campaign: “Crowdfunder have launched a brilliant campaign. I’m sure that for well-minded people who do feel as though they didn’t need the rebate, this initiative comes as a great opportunity to help those who are in the greatest need. Now is the time to help. Join in.”

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, CEO, Business in the Community (BITC) says, “This is a timely and brilliant campaign and we are only too pleased to lend the power of BITC and the wonderful business leaders who support it to help create funds that are so vitally needed. We all understand that a significant rebate cannot be targeted easily but that doesn’t mean we can’t then redirect our ‘windfall’ to help those that need it most.’

Gavin Patterson, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Salesforce, added: “Thanks to Crowdfunder and the encouraging support shown by business leaders, the corporate world is making a valuable contribution to helping those most in need. Communities, households and individuals across Britain are facing significant hardship as economic pressures impact the cost of living. In these uncertain times, it’s only right that those able to help do so. I encourage everyone in the business community to join this effort.”

Tracey Molineux, Head of Supporter Engagement at Turn2us, says: “Every day, our Helpline advisers hear from parents who are skipping meals to keep their children fed, or who are left sitting in the dark to save on energy costs. The government support is not a long-term solution and millions of families are still facing impossible choices between paying increasing food bills or keeping a roof over their heads. When you support Turn2us via, your help offers vital financial support to families on the lowest incomes through our grants making and practical advice through our Helpline – as well as campaigning for lasting policy change to prevent families from having to make these choices in future.”

Rob Love, CEO of Crowdfunder UK, said: “This is an incredible start to our campaign and we are grateful and encouraged by the early uptake from some of these important business leaders. For some, this rebate will be very welcome to help with the living costs that are going through the roof. For those who are more financially secure, it’s a nice bonus. But for the millions who have been plunged deep into poverty, it’s literally the difference between heating or eating. I’m asking anyone who doesn’t need it and wants to donate their rebate to please join the #DonateTheRebate campaign to help those who are in dire situations. Our vulnerable children, families and elderly in our communities – our neighbours, teachers, nurses and our loved-ones. People shouldn’t have to choose between feeding their children or themselves, or whether or not to turn on the heating. We call for the business leaders of the UK to join us, and to help make a difference.

To Join the campaign follow #DonateTheRebate or sign up at