Whilst many of us are looking forward to Christmas, this time of year can magnify feelings of loneliness and Christmas can suddenly deliver feelings of isolation and despair for many people in our communities. Crowdfunder.co.uk projects on these themes peak at this time of year.

A recent Samaritans study reveals that one in six people feel Christmas is the loneliest time of the year, with nearly a quarter of people surveyed believing their problems feel worse during the festive period. Samaritans’ Men and Suicide Research tells us that loneliness is a key issue amongst the male population, since men tend to have fewer support networks and often rely on a partner for emotional support.

The elderly often struggle around Christmas, some don’t have any family or have relatives too far away to visit. This can elevate year long feelings of isolation and bring them to a head. It is common for people to lie about spending Christmas with people when actually they are on their own, the pressure of society to be seen to have a traditional Christmas can often bring its own stress and leave people feeling inadequate, different and effect a persons wellbeing. Having an empty chair at the Christmas table following the loss of a family member can often also have an unexpected and devastating impact across a family.

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Crowdfunder see’s projects all year long that are based on loneliness and isolation and and the volume increases towards the Christmas period. These community projects often fund very quickly because of the emotional realisation and people identifying with the issues. These projects quite literally save lives and and enable hundreds of people to re-engage with society and Crowdfunder is working hard to help these projects succeed and provide funds for these projects. Check out some projects crowdfunding now…

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The Christmas Dinners 2018
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Give the Gift of Football
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Christmas Cards With Refugees

View some more of our amazing Christmas projects supporting communities and give someone the gift of support.

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