Over the last few weeks, the escalating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has been across every news channel and newspaper. It’s heartbreaking to see and you might be wondering what you can do to help the situation.

With a number of Afghanistan related charities crowdfunding on our platform, including the Refugee Council, there are a couple of ways that you can help those who desperately need your support. Many of those who are fleeing Afghanistan have had to leave everything behind, including their friends, family, and possessions. 

This is where the Refugee Council comes in. Their expert teams in the UK are working hard to meet increased demand for their services – from supporting people to help them recover from trauma, to providing basic essentials such as shoes and toiletries.

Your efforts and donations will make a real difference to the lives of millions of people as they arrive in the UK. 

So what can you do to help?

Set up your own fundraiser

You can set up a fundraiser for the Refugee Council in just a few minutes, with no need to add any bank details as the money will go straight to the charity! Whatever your strengths, you can help people who are living in fear.

So why not run 10k, go a month without chocolate, or say ‘yes’ to everything for a week? Set yourself a challenge and go. 

Donate to the Refugee Council 

If you can’t set up a fundraiser yourself, don’t worry as you can donate straight to the charity through their Refugee Crisis Appeal. Every donation will support their critical work with refugees as they settle into life in the UK, including mental health support, children’s services and education, and employment assistance. 

Spread the word

If you’re not in a place to fundraise or donate, please help to spread the word on the amazing work the Refugee Council is doing at this critical time. How? Well you can share their crowdfunding appeal on social media or with your friends, family and network! 

How are Crowdfunder getting involved?

As part of the Great Crowdfunder Walking Challenge, we’re walking the distance between Kabul and London, which according to Google Maps is 4,182 miles. Each team will be walking 697 miles of this journey while raising money for the Refugee Council. 

It’s a great opportunity to do some good while improving the health and wellbeing of the office after months spent at home. Plus, there’s some friendly competition between teams! 

Check out our fundraisers for the Refugee Council.

If you want to help transform the lives of refugees who are arriving in the UK, then please donate or set up your own fundraiser today!