We’re pleased to announce a new Dashboard for Project Owners


Today we’re really happy to announce the launch of the new Project Owner dashboard. We hope that this new streamlined system will be much easier to use, and give you the tools to make your project even more successful.

All of these new dashboards and tools also work on mobile so it’s even easier to manage your project on the move.

When your project is live your main dashboard you’ll see an overview of how much you’ve raised, how many backers you’ve got and what your ‘trending towards’ – this means how much we think you’re going to raise by the time your project finishes. This is based on projects similar to you and how they have funded over time.

Head of Product Owen Wallis says “We’ve listened to your feedback that the old graphs were a little confusing so we’ve simplified things with one graph showing how much you’ve raised each day and your progress to target, and another graph showing the views to your project page. We’ve also given you another couple of tables showing which of your rewards (if you have them) are popular, and where your pledges are coming from.”



We’ve given you some great new tools to help share your project. As well as the ability to share on social networks and add a widget of your project to your website we’ve added two new features: the ability to create custom UTMs and the ability to add a Facebook pixel. We know you’ve been asking for this so we hope you enjoy using this feature.


The custom UTMs allow you to setup links to your project page which you can then share. Any pledges made via people visiting your project from this link will be tracked. So for example you could create a link for a newsletter, a mailing list, or even a link that you give to someone who is doing promotion for you. You can then track the effectiveness of these campaigns on your dashboard homepage on the table which shows where your pledges are coming from.

The Facebook pixel allows you to link your project with any Facebook advertising you are doing. Again you can use this to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and set your advertising budgets accordingly.

Messaging and managing backers


In the messaging section we got a lot of feedback asking if you could see the messages you’ve sent out – now you can! So you can have a record of who you’ve thanked for their pledge. You can also pick individual people to message, or email all your backers at once. You can use this if you don’t want to send a public project update for everyone who visits your project to see.

You can also cancel the pledges of backers while your project is live if you need to.

Successful projects


We’ve simplified the layout for successful projects also. For projects using the ‘Always on’ funding method we can now offer you monthly downloads showing how much you’ve raised in that particular month.

We hope you enjoy using these new features and that the new tools we give you make your projects even more successful.

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Published by Murry Toms

Senior producer at Crowdfunder.co.uk