Anyone can set up an emergency fundraising appeal on Crowdfunder for a cause close to their heart. Though, before you get started, there are some important points to consider to ensure your appeal is successful and adheres to your legal responsibilities.

In order to identify and stop fraudulent projects, Crowdfunder has controls and checks in place.

1. Make sure your appeal is relevant 

Firstly, make sure the cause you’re supporting has a need for the money you’re going to raise and, most importantly, that this money will get to the people you intend to help. Working directly with an established charity or organisation is a great way to do this. 

2. Have a clear purpose and gain trust

It’s vital your appeal has a clear purpose and outlines exactly who you are helping and what you’re going to do with the funds. As we mentioned, you have to ensure the money will reach the intended destination, especially if you’re not fundraising on behalf of a charity. For example, if you’re fundraising for supplies for Ukraine, how will these supplies reach those in need?

Remember, it’s a legal requirement to use the donations you receive for their intended purpose. 

Plus, the more clarity your supporters have around your appeal, the more likely they will be to trust and support your cause. Make sure to include a way for potential supporters to contact you so they can ask any questions they might have.

3. Be realistic and set the right target

How much money do you need to raise for your appeal? When setting a target, keep this question in mind. We recommend that you start with a smaller and more realistic target as you can always stretch your goal and raise more money once you hit 100%. 

On your appeal page, outline the additional things you can achieve if you surpass your target as you don’t want people to stop supporting you because they think you’ve hit your final goal. 

4. Work with established charities and organisations 

Is there an organisation or charity who specialises in delivering the services you want your appeal to support? If so, work with them where you can as they will have the knowledge, resources, and connections to make sure your money has the biggest impact. 

This also means you won’t be legally responsible for making sure the money ends up where it needs to. Plus, the charity might have the option to collect Gift Aid

6. Engage your audience 

For your appeal to be successful, you’ll need an engaged crowd around you to pledge their support and help spread the word. There are a number of ways to get people to pledge using online platforms, word of mouth and your immediate network. 

Your immediate network: Your friends, family, and professional networks are vital in getting your fundraising appeal off the ground. They can be the first to donate and share what you’re doing with their own networks. 

Social media: Once your appeal is live, make sure to post about it across your social media. If you’re fundraising on behalf of a charity or organisation, remember to tag them in your posts so they can share them too. 

Real world: Fundraising might be online but don’t forget that you can talk to people face to face and ask them to support your appeal. 

7. Ignite PR opportunities 

If your appeal starts picking up traction, you might be able to land yourself some press opportunities which will help more people learn about your efforts. You can reach out to local newspapers and radio stations to let them know what you’re doing to see if they’re interested in giving you some coverage.

8. Keep supporters updated 

It’s a great idea to continue updating your donors after you’ve hit your target and your appeal has closed. You can let them know what difference their funds have made and make their contribution feel valued. 

Guides from The Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator has provided a really useful guide “10 steps to setting up a fundraising appeal” as well as its more detailed guidance on Online Fundraising which are well worth looking at before you get started.

Feeling ready to get started? Set up your appeal today!