Sharing your Crowdfunder project on social media is a great way to spread the word about what you’re up to and could be pretty crucial to the success of your campaign.


Facebook in particular is the prime platform to use to promote your Crowdfunder project. With over a billion users, there are plenty of potential supporters who might be interested in learning about your project and making a pledge.


Before thinking about how you’re going to use Facebook whilst crowdfunding, make sure that you check out our blog post about using the social media platform to warm up your crowd before going live. Click here to find out more.


Our Social Media Manager, Georgie, reveals her top tips on getting the most out of Facebook whilst running your Crowdfunder campaign.


The first rule of crowdfunding…


… you don’t always have to talk about the fact that you are crowdfunding.


As important as it is to tell everyone that you are crowdfunding, you also don’t want to spam the Facebook network that you’ve spent precious time growing. Keep your content varied and interesting by sharing and posting things that are relevant to your organisation.


By doing this, you are not only keeping your audience more engaged, but the Facebook algorithms will put your content in front of more people.


Keep it short and sweet


It’s best to assume that most people will only read the first sentence of anything you write on Facebook – we can all be a bit guilty of doing this, right?


So, to combat this, keep the copy as short and sweet as possible and try to get all the juicy stuff in right at the beginning to really draw people in.


The odd emoji can also help… but don’t get too carried away!


Bold and beautiful


Anyone who uses Facebook knows that it’s all about images, videos and GIFs these days, so havingstrong, bright and beautiful imagery is really important when talking about your project.


When you share your project URL, you will notice that Facebook automatically pulls through your Crowdfunder thumbnail image, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and swap it out for something different to keep it looking fresh.


Invite to like


Building your network on Facebook is an important thing to do (not just when you are crowdfunding) and ‘Invite to like’ is a quick and easy way to do that.


When people hit the ‘Like’ button on your post, this tells Facebook that they are potentially interested in following your page, so you are given the option to invite them to like your page. It’s good practice to check this often and invite people as regularly as possible whilst your page is fresh in their mind, as they will be more inclined to accept your invitation.




Call to action


Have really clear call to actions on your posts.


If you want someone to share, then ask them. If you want someone to pledge on your project, ask them to pledge on your project.


The clearer your are with your audience, the easier you will make it for them.


Spend a little to get a lot


You have probably noticed that little blue ‘Boost’ button on the bottom right corner of your Facebook posts.  When you boost a post, you pay a fee to increase the reach and visibility that your post might see. Since 100% organic traffic is hard to come by on Facebook these days, it’s necessary to spend a little money on advertising your posts. It’s the best way to ensure your project stands a chance in your audiences crowded news feed.


If you’re new to ‘Boosting’ your posts, try using small amounts and different techniques with targeting to see what is most effective.




Explore Facebook Page features


You can create events, carousels of images and even do a Facebook live!


Don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera yourself, as the engagement on a Facebook live is organically a lot higher than anything else.


Get creative and see what features are on offer.



I hope that you have found this useful! If you haven’t done so already then head on over to the Crowdfunder Facebook Page and hit the like button. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.