Wild swimming is truly a magnificent thing. It has a variety of health benefits, both mental and physical, and nurtures a sense of belonging to the natural world. Each dealing with things in their personal lives, three friends from Cornwall discovered the healing nature of open water swimming and set out to share their passion with the world.

Last year, they founded Wild Swimming Cornwall and have since worked with, and raised money for, a range of charities and initiatives promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Now the group aim to make wild swimming more accessible, sharing benefits, locations, and vital safety information with the community through a brand new guidebook

To publish, print and design ‘A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall’ they’re working towards a stretch target of £11,128, having already hit their initial target just 4 days into their crowdfund. 

Needless to say, it’s definitely been inspiring us here at Crowdunder, especially as our HQ is based in Newquay and many lunchtimes (pre-pandemic) have been spent ocean swimming and being out in the waves. 

Though it’s not just us who have been inspired. Just one look at their Crowdfunder comment section makes it clear how much this project means to their crowd. 

“You guys are true inspirations. To be brave enough to talk about your difficulties and how you have overcome them has empowered so many people- as well as myself to be motivated to carry on through tough times. Keep inspiring, keep powering and keep the good vibes.”

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