Today isn’t just everyone’s favourite #InspirationMonday, it’s also #InternationalWomensDay! To mark the occasion, we’re highlighting the Every Woman Biennial Crowdfunder and their mission of inclusion and representation.

But, we hear you ask, “Who are Every Woman Biennial?” Well, they’re the world’s largest female and non-binary art festival in the world. Their aim is to bring together as many creative voices as possible while celebrating encouragement, connection, inspiration and love.

You see, artistic opportunities are hard to come by at any time, let alone during a global pandemic. Due to the current climate, emerging artists have lost funding, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, and are facing major financial barriers to reach their dreams. 

On their crowdfunding page, they state that “64% of art students identify as female, but men make up 68% of the artists represented by UK galleries”, showing that even before COVID, those identifying as female and non-binary were not given the same opportunities. 

This is something that needs to change. 

Through the Every Woman Biennial Arts Foundation, they aim to enable these emerging artists to exhibit their work alongside established names, helping them to pursue their dream careers. To do this, they want to create a three-story art extravaganza in London!

“In the wake of 2020, a year that has forced physical separation, we want to illuminate our interconnectedness and the power we hold when we stand united. EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL 2021 will bring female and non-binary artists together from across the globe in the spirit of community and collaboration, to investigate themes of identity, sexuality, and activism.”

Having only been live for a matter of days, the support has already come pouring in with £2,395 raised of their initial £15,000 target.

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