This week’s focus for #InspirationMonday is London’s Curry Club. After seeing a stark contrast in the community’s lockdown experiences, a group of volunteers banded together to help feed those facing food insecurity in Islington.

Their team is made up of some of London’s best chefs, such as Meera Sodha, Anna Jones, Denai Moore, Stevie Parle, Alex Jackson and more! They believe that the joy, comfort and pleasure that comes with great food should be available to everyone. They teamed up with Nourished Communities—an initiative which sources produce from farms near London—to create a support network with local farmers who have also been hit hard by the pandemic. 

In stage one alone, Curry Club aim to give out over 2,000 free meals to people who are struggling but, to increase their reach, they’ve called on the help of the crowd.

This heartwarming initiative has already raised over £4,800 from 114 supporters on Crowdfunder and they’re working towards their stretch target of £15,000. You see, the more they can raise, the more people they can support. 

One pledger commented, “Love this idea – pleased to be able to do a little to help. Thanks to all the chefs and teams helping make this happen.”

It has truly been inspiring to read about the project, not to mention the volunteers donating their time and effort to relieve some of the hardship and distress those in lockdown are facing. For some, a Curry Club delivery could be the only cooked meal they have all week. 

In tough times, the generosity of the crowd never fails to put a smile on our faces. 

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