Since 1988, British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR)—a national charity dedicated to responding to marine mammals in distress—have attended thousands of calls in the UK.

They have a network of nearly 2,000 volunteers who are trained to carry out assessments on marine life and give first-aid if needed.

The UK’s coastline is home to a variety of seals, porpoises, dolphins, and whales and BDMLR is passionate about protecting these species and conserving them for future generations.

Around 90% of their calls are about seal pups in danger, mostly as a result of human activity. From disturbances to mothers and their pups to net entanglement, these young creatures face numerous threats in their first few months of life. Cornwall, the place of our beloved Crowdfunder HQ, also happens to be the busiest region in the country.

But there’s more. This wonderful charity doesn’t just respond to calls of distress. For over ten years now they’ve been taking animals in need to their own hospital which acts as an overflow to Cornwall’s larger rehabilitation centres. 

With more calls coming in than ever before, there is a massive strain on BDMLR and their services. So far, the hospital has taken in over 550 seal pups who, without the help of this charity, would have had nowhere else to go. 

With resources stretched to the limit and volunteers working around the clock to keep these animals safe, BDMLR have hatched a plan. 

They want to open a brand new hospital, purpose built for seal pup rescue, to ensure no animal is left behind. This will also serve as a state of the art training facility for new volunteers. 

Their Crowdfunder now sits at £20,087 of their £30,000 target!

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