Here at Crowdfunder, we see hundreds of inspiring stories every day. From community projects to new businesses, there’s always something amazing being supported by the crowd.

As part of a new weekly social media campaign happening over on our Instagram, we wanted to share some of these incredible stories with you. 

This week it’s Park Lane Stables.

Based in Teddington, Park Lane Stables is a key part of the community and has been for many, many years. They provide therapy and joy to adults and children alike, both with and without disabilities and mental health challenges. 

They’ve got a long waiting list of people in need of their services and, in a non COVID year, they provide 3,000 sessions of therapeutic riding!

But why are they crowdfunding? Well, their landlord wishes to sell the property, meaning that if they don’t raise £1,000,000 they’ll have to move. 

On their project page, they explained, “We don’t want to lose our beloved stables. We love our unique home in Teddington and we want to stay and serve our amazing community. We are a small charity and we have struggled to survive the COVID-19 crisis, but the overwhelming support we have received from the local community has helped us through this and made us strong.”

After their campaign went live, it didn’t take long for support to come pouring in, with one pledger commenting, “To Park Lane Stables, what a worthwhile job you do for the community and so lovely to see horses in the suburbs.”

So far, their crowd has raised an incredible £119,456 and that total is climbing every day. 

We loved reading about this project and the vital work they do for their community of riders and we’re rooting for them to hit their target. 

Pssst, you can donate to Park Lane Stables here.

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