This #InspirationMonday we’re taking an environmental focus with Butterfly Conservation’s latest campaign to save four of Britain’s most endangered species.

Over the years, Butterfly Conservation have run a number of campaigns on Crowdfunder to help protect our beloved butterflies and moths from extinction. Between 14 past campaigns, they’ve raised over £126,000! 

Through their latest campaign, the Morecambe Bay’s Woodlands project, they want to carry out vital conservation work by creating and managing a number of key natural sites in the area. They’ll be removing non-native invasive species and creating wildlife-rich habitats for butterflies and moths to thrive. Additionally, their network of skilled volunteers will continue to support these species after their initial project comes to an end. 

But that’s not all! Not only will this work ensure the survival of endangered wildlife, it’ll also have amazing benefits to the wider community. They plan to work with GPs to deliver innovative ‘green prescriptions’ for mental health patients to improve wellbeing while engaging local people through events and volunteer days. 

You can see the full list of their goals on their Crowdfunder!

Though, to get this project off the ground, they need to fill a funding gap of £12,000. This money will ensure that they can stop the decline of Britain’s beloved butterflies and moths, ensuring they are here for generations to come.

Thanks to their passionate crowd, they’ve already raised an incredible £12,586

On an update on their crowdfunding page, the charity explained, “Work has already begun on this pioneering project, and we’ve recently welcomed people from The Lighthouse, a mental health hub; The Wellness, a support group for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction; and ACE, a charity dedicated to helping young people improve their emotional and mental health. They have all been involved in helping with our practical conservation efforts to improve habitats and increase food sources for butterflies and moths.”

Our natural spaces are so important and we’re loving all of the work that this charity is doing to protect the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it! 

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