Imagine a world where you had access to a range of high quality items without the hassle of buying them? Well, that’s exactly the world that Sophie wants to create for her community in Birmingham!

Did you know that the UK produces the 2nd highest amount of electrical waste in the world? Combined with the fact that England produced 29 million tonnes of household waste in 2019, it’s clear that we need to step up our sustainability game. 

It was statistics like these that inspired Sophie’s dream to start The Borrow Shop, Birmingham’s very own library of things where people could go to borrow items instead of buying them. It would help the community save money, reduce waste, and even save on storage space. 

When explaining the concept of her new social enterprise, she said, “Think about it, remember the last time you bought that fancy appliance you promised yourself you’d use? The stand mixer you made one cake with; the steam cleaner you use for 30 minutes a year…”

And it’s true. How many of us have been in that very situation, buying something to only get a couple of uses out of it? The Borrow Shop is the perfect solution to that.

But that’s not all! In addition to being a library of things, The Borrow Shop will be a place to socialise, grab coffee, and buy items that can’t be borrowed such as candles and art from local makers. 

Though to get started, she needs to raise £7,899 from the crowd. This will go towards the shop’s items and cover set up costs and legal fees that are needed when establishing the ‘Borrower T&Cs’.

Having only been live for just over a week, it’s already clear how much the community believes in her idea with people all over Birmingham getting excited to use the shop when it opens. So far, £3,244 has been raised from 70 supporters and climbing. 

“Good luck! Looking forward to using The Borrow Shop when you’re up and running!”

“Really great idea – I look forward to visit and have a coffee!”

“Look forward to participating in this great new initiative in the Jewellery Quarter.”

Want to help Sophie reach her initial target? You can donate to The Borrow Shop here!

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