While on furlough last year, Ella had an idea to help her community reduce their impact on the environment.

You see, she realised that it’s not always easy to find the time to shop plastic free so she created TOPUP TRUCK—a mobile zero waste shop that takes sustainability straight to your door.

She knew that by taking TOPUP TRUCK to streets, schools, offices, community centres and anywhere that it was wanted, she would be making plastic free shopping simple and easy, encouraging people to use waste free alternatives to their everyday products. 

Needless to say, the truck was an instant hit! It was often fully booked and Ella was featured on BBC Radio, Time Out and made the front page of The Hackney Gazette. To date, she has saved over 13,700 pieces of plastic from being used which is absolutely incredible. 

Now she’s turned to Crowdfunder to help take her business to the next level.

Her next-level plans include fixing up the converted milk float by making it lockable, weatherproof and creating more storage space. Additionally she has dreams of creating an app to streamline the booking process, along with rolling out TOPUP TRUCK to other London boroughs. 

On her crowdfunding page, she said, “We would love your support in helping us achieve our vision to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic that is used, and pave the way for a circular future which favours reuse over ‘throwaway’ culture.”

She hit her initial target in a matter of days and is now funding towards her stretch target of £15,000, showing just how much people love TOPUP TRUCK and everything it stands for. 

One look at her comments section is enough to put a massive smile on anyone’s face. The support for her business is incredible and everyone at Crowdfunder is looking forward to seeing the future successes of TOPUP TRUCK! 

“Top Up Truck floats my boat – can’t wait to see you take things to the next level!”

“I’ve loved shopping from the Top Up Truck since lockdown and will carry on afterwards – it’s such a great way to do the right thing for the planet – Ella is committed not only to her cause but to getting the absolute best products for the Truck – and a fab way to get to know your community a little better.”

“Amazing work, Ella! Top-Up Truck visits are a major highlight of pandemic life – well done on adapting to all the regulation changes and servicing us safely. Such a welcome change from the supermarket experience. Best of luck with the truck makeover!”

Her campaign closes on the 6 April and you can pledge here.

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