Our well thumbed A-Z catalogue of crowdfunding projects, from archery to zumba includes something for everyone. Whether you get your kicks from the bowling green, the football pitch or your lycra-clad squad propped up by their bikes, there’s a place for you at Crowdfunder.

Initially with a commitment of £1Million, Sport England’s Active Together initiative was designed to help with the immediate financial impact of coronavirus and longer-term, the ‘Return To Play’. As part of this offer, an additional £1.5Million has now been made available to continue to support clubs and local organisations to set up and run their own crowdfunding campaign, with a potential financial pledge from Sport England to help towards crowdfunding targets.

(Left) C​raven Judo Academy ​raised a total of £10,585 from 179 supporters​.
(Right) Quatt Village Hall who raised £​15,052 with 227 supporters

City of Leicester Swimming Club​ raised £11,118 with 201 supporters​.

Sport England​ is the national champion of our ‘Active Nation’. An organisation determined to make sport accessible to everyone. We know, and they know, that community sport is part of our social fabric, a rich and colourful knit but not without its vulnerabilities. Limited funding has left holes unpatched and threads exposed to a pandemic which is beginning to tug.

While in this pandemic the news is heavy with the struggle of smaller clubs trying to keep their heads above water, there are a raft of positive stories nearby of communities who have banded together to keep them afloat. How much could you raise with their support?

Hear from Hythe Cricket and Squash Club…

(Left) ​The Stockport Rugby Club’s ‘Kick Back at Covid Campaign,​ who raised £58,146 from 390 supporters with £10,000 in +Extra funding from Sport England.
(Right) London Corinthian Sailing Club r​aised £25,725 from 123 supporters with a pledge of £6,105​ in +Extra funding from Sport England.

We caught up with Chloe, Sport England’s designated crowdfunding coach, who’s been working tirelessly to help hundreds of clubs during the pandemic, including running an ​online crowdfunding workshop​, as well as the ​Learn Platform​ – a free and bespoke crowdfunding course for sports clubs.

“Sports organisations have been hugely affected by COVID-19. Many clubs have had to close and aren’t able to practice at all. Consequently, clubs aren’t receiving the income they would normally expect because they cannot charge membership fees or hold community events. However, they still need to pay rent and maintain the facilities which can be an expensive task. What’s more, there are now numerous regulations in place and sports organisations now have to invest further to ensure they are complying to meet these rules. Without this initiative, a lot of clubs would have had to close their doors for good”.

With up to £10,000 in +Extra funding available for each crowdfunding campaign, there’s an opportunity to reduce an impending shortfall in finances.

The 3Pillars Project

A crowdfunding campaign of particular inspiration is ‘​The 3Pillars Project​’.

Krissy Brooks, Chief of Staff at The 3Pillars has brought us up to speed on how COVID-19 has impacted the young prison leavers and young vulnerable people they work with.

“We use sports to engage with young people who are vulnerable to crime, and equip them with education and training to create positive futures”.

“What has the crowdfunding experience been like with The 3Pillars Project?”

“The support offered to us through Chloe at Crowdfunder and Sport England themselves has been invaluable. While crowdfunding we’ve been able to learn more about our own organisation, how to fund it, engage with our audience and tell our story.

The traditional grants available can be very rigid, providing very tight boxes for where the funding has to go. Crowdfunding has given us more freedom to think about where we would like to spend the money”.

Your next steps

Find out if you could be eligible to unlock extra funding from Sport England through the ​Active Together Fund​ or the ​Activate Your Space​ fund. What are you waiting for? ​Start crowdfunding today!