Launching a business is not easy. As well as having the solid foundations for your business idea, you also need to find how people respond to your idea, gain a following, and on top of all that, you need to work out how to finance the whole thing!

Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret… You can achieve all of that with crowdfunding.

Not only does crowdfunding offer the perfect opportunity to show off your idea to the world and increase your current following, or gain a ready-to-go Crowd for when you launch , but you can finance it at the exact same time. And the catch? Well, there isn’t one actually!

The great thing is that we’ve seen many startup businesses, who have turned to the Crowd to launch their idea, go on to achieve levels of success that they had never anticipated when setting out – all because their dedication and effort during their crowdfunding campaign prepared them for the journey ahead.

If you’re thinking about launching a business in 2019, why not join our Crowd and get off to the best start possible?

The Crowdfunder startups that you might have already heard of…
toast ale - crowdfunder


£27,952 raised • 449 supporters

Toast brew with surplus bread and give 100% of profits to charity. In their first year, they brewed over 2 tonnes of surplus, fresh bread – but that’s just the beginning! Their ambition is to save more than 100 tonnes within 3 years. They crowdfunded to add a craft lager and session IPA to their pale ale offering.

“It was an amazing campaign. From the brilliant #RaiseAToast conversations we’ve had on our social channels, to the high 5s we’ve shared in person and in the press.”


£5,120 raised • 80 supporters

If dangling by your feet from a piece of elastic is your idea of fun, then you definitely need to check out Buckt – the UK’s only subscription box inspired by the idea of a bucket list! After doing their research and finding out that 94% of those surveyed either liked or REALLY liked the idea, they crowdfunded to get the ball rolling.

“[Without our Crowdfunder supporters] We wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for Amazon Launchpad, we wouldn’t have had the traction to show to Entrepreneurial Spark that we are a viable business, and we definitely wouldn’t have done the MADE16 pitch in Sheffield!”

What A Melon Water

£112,421 raised • 147 supporters

 Now stocked in several well-known supermarkets, you may have already come across What A Melon. When they came to Crowdfunder, they hadn’t officially launched yet, but had already received hundreds of positive posts and messages on their social media from people that were already sharing in the What A Melon vibe!

The People’s Energy Company

£487,815 raised • 2055 supporters

The People’s Energy Company, like many others, were fed up with complicated energy tariffs, soulless call centres and hearing about the Fat Cats from the Big Six energy providers. They set out to supply gas and electricity with 75% of the profits returned to customers. Aiming to keep things simple and straightforward, they promised no more complicated tariffs, no more soulless call centres and no more energy rip-offs!  


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