Make your idea happen with Crowdfunder


We know what it feels like… You’ve got this great idea and you know that it’s going to make life a little bit sweeter for those around you, or perhaps even for your whole community, but you’re just feeling completely stumped about where to start. Perhaps you’ve heard a little bit about ‘crowdfunding’ here and there, but you’re not really sure what it’s about and how it could work for you, and most importantly, how it could make this great idea that you’ve got turn into a reality.


Well we’ve got some great news. We’ve worked with hundreds of groups, businesses and individuals just like yourself, helping them to raise over £50million to transform their great ideas – and we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way.


In our brand new series of online workshops, our team of coaches will be talking all about how you can take advantage of the opportunities that crowdfunding presents – boosting your profile, connecting with your community and raising funds all at the same time.


In this three-part series, we will explore each of the key topics that you need to be clued up on to get going. The focus will be on crowdfunding for environmental community projects, but please don’t be put off if you’re running a different kind of project! These workshops will be relevant for anyone who is thinking about crowdfunding, so please do come along.


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