We invite you to join Crowdfunder in the launch of #MentalHealthMatters, a national collaborative campaign reaching into every corner of the UK to raise money for our mental health services.

The pandemic has thrown the UK into a mental health crisis. In the emergency of dealing with the spread of Covid-19, the wellbeing of the population has been tested more than any other time in recent history. 

With a recent YouGov survey reporting one in five of the population feeling hopeless as a result of the pandemic, there is clearly work to do. 

The structure of life as we knew it has been dismantled, a subsequently degraded economy, education system, services and society, weighs heavily on the shoulders of the public. Devoid of our usual support systems, an inevitable tide of poor mental health has risen in the UK. To limit the damage to people’s lives and to protect our ability to ‘build back better’ beyond the pandemic, foundations which have been gravely shaken must be repaired and strengthened.

According to the Centre for Mental Health, a leading charity in the sector, as many as 10 million people, including 1.5 million children, are thought to need new or additional mental health support as a direct result of the crisis. So with our mental health services incredibly stretched, now is the time to support them financially to help them to deliver even more services in this time of great need. 

The benefit of our national campaign

By bringing all of the mental health fundraising activity that’s happening around the UK into one central location, we can show exactly how much is being raised and by how many. This unity across the sector, is exactly what’s needed to grab headlines and advance mental health on the government’s agenda.

Whilst Crowdfunder will centrally be promoting the national #MentalHealthMatters campaign page to help supporters find their nearest organisation to support, each mental health organisation/ charity that’s raising money also has their own page to share with their audiences too. This concurrent activity results in an increased awareness on the topic of mental health at a very critical time.

How can I show my support?

#MentalHealthMatters covers every region of the United Kingdom and from the campaign page you can see exactly which organisations are crowdfunding and how to donate to them. 

You can also support the campaign by sharing the word about the campaign on your social channels. 

Charities looking to join the campaign:

We have over 23,000 Charity pages already listed on Crowdfunder. Search and find the charity you work for here, then ask us to add your URL to the #MentalHealthMatters campaign here

Organisations looking to join the campaign: 

If you want to crowdfund for the mental health organisation you work for and to set up your own project, all you need to do is follow this link to join the campaign.

When your charity/ organisation signs up we’ll send you a marketing resource pack to help you spread the word.

Together we can change mental health for the better and create a brighter tomorrow. Follow the journey at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mental-health-matters