We are excited to welcome on board Broody, the business incubator and accelerator that is backed by leading London based advertising agency Mother, who have agreed a deal to acquire a 5% stake in Crowdfunder. 



Our Crowd is currently made up of over 600,000 change makers who have raised more than £45m for crowdfunding projects all over the UK, and with Broody’s partnership, we hope to also develop and grow into the biggest social investment platform in the world. The investment from Broody comes as part of our current fundraise, which has now raised over £1.1m from more than 900 investors – including other cornerstone investors such as Creative England, Nesta and Crowdcube.


Rob Love, Executive Chairman of Crowdfunder, said, “We are delighted to team up with Broody and Mother as we move to a new stage of growth. The Crowdfunder team are passionate about ideas that might just change the world and Broody shares these values. They [Broody] will bring a new level of experience and expertise as we focus on developing our brand and partnerships with businesses, grant makers and government.”


With up to 200 projects a day coming to the Crowdfunder platform, our current fundraise will enable us to meet the growing demand for our services. The strong partnerships that we have with idea-activators such as Broody, will enable us to develop the business so that we can continue to empower people and turn their ideas into reality.


Simon Deverell, Co-founder & Creative Director of Crowdfunder, said, “Mother is one of the most respected independent creative agencies in the UK and it’s exciting to form a partnership with Broody, the incubator hub. This relationship gives us access to their world class skills, so that we can build and strengthen our brand as we grow and open up exciting new opportunities.”


This significant and strategic investment is great for everyone involved. Broody can help their partner brands to access the unique benefits of crowdfunding, and we can continue to improve the crowdfunding experience for our community by harnessing the commercial, creative and strategic skills from the leading creative agency. The end result? More ideas, more positive change and more impact.


Pippa Dunn, Co-Founder of Broody said, “We believe that crowdfunding is part of a societal shift towards world class brands demonstrating measurable social impact. It’s therefore integral to Broody’s future as we help turn great ideas into successful businesses. This partnership enables us to offer our business partners unique access to the benefits of crowdfunding – whether that is raising money, validating ideas, creating advocates, building skills, trialling products, prototyping and researching innovations at a grass roots level.”


It is this grass roots level that is key, as we can already see the impact that the Crowdfunder community is having on re-imagining how we take control of the world that we want to live in. This puts Crowdfunder in the perfect position to have some real impact upon some of the huge challenges faced by today’s society.


Andy Medd, Co-Founder of Broody & Mother Partner said, “Crowdfunder’s purpose to support social enterprise is a significant reason for our involvement, because Broody and Mother are committed to contributing positively to culture and society. Crowdfunder, through their work with M&S, Santander, Virgin and local authorities have shown there is huge potential to access new sources of funding beyond the crowd.”


It’s an extremely exciting announcement to make as we edge closer to the end of our fundraise on Crowdcube – and it’s not over yet! If you would like to get involved, you have until Monday to make an investment and join our Crowd.