• Portsmouth Council has a total of £40,000 on offer for local environmental projects to tackle climate change
  • Kicking off the entire campaign is a live 24hr crowdfunding event with three projects vying for their share of the first £10k
  • All community projects across Portsmouth are invited to add their ideas to Crowdfunder 

Portsmouth City Council are bringing the fight to climate change by offering local environmental campaigns the opportunity to take a share of £40,000 to support their efforts in tackling climate issues.

As part of the Crowdfunder #BackTheFuture initiative, £30K in matched funding is on offer to eco projects in the Portsmouth area, following a live 24-hour crowdfunding event, in which three local projects will be vying for their share of £10,000 to support their efforts in tackling climate and environmental issues. 

Three ideas from people in Portsmouth will present their ideas to a panel of guest judges during a live streamed event on YouTube on Thursday 15th July. During the event, #BackTheFuture: Portsmouth Climate Challenge will launch and give the people of Portsmouth the chance to tell Crowdfunder and the council their own idea for a slice of £30,000 in matched funding, towards a crowdfunding campaign (Ts&Cs apply)!

The Council declared a climate emergency in March 2019 and pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in Portsmouth by 2030.

The coronavirus pandemic brought about a renewed focus on the health of our planet and the positive effects that the world slowing down has on our environment. Portsmouth City Council have recognised the ambition shown by individuals and communities striving for positive climate action and want to help.

The funding on offer is a great step towards Portsmouth’s net-zero ambitions and provides local climate organisations the opportunity to promote their work and give a financial boost to their plans for effective climate action.

It’s also an opportunity to engage and educate the public on the current state of our climate, and how we can all help to reduce the carbon footprint.

Councillor Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Green Recovery at Portsmouth City Council, said:

” Bringing the fight to climate change is essential to create a better environment, not only now but for our future, and we’re delighted to have teamed up with Crowdfunder for this Climate Challenge.

“At the live event on Thursday, residents will have the opportunity to see how their ideas for climate change can be turned into a reality – with a cash injection from Portsmouth City Council. And, we’ll be showcasing three fantastic local projects that have already started their Crowdfunder journey.

“Join us at the online event for an evening of fun and inspiration, and most importantly – a proactive response to the climate emergency in Portsmouth.”

The three projects:

Jetsam Tech:       

Jetsam is a community backed, environmentally-driven enterprise based in Portsmouth, concerned about the level of plastic pollution on the island. Jetsam are running a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money for the design and manufacture of a ‘smart litter picker’ that picks up litter on our beaches, whilst automatically logging the results into the groundbreaking Jetsam app. 

By clearing litter and collecting data simultaneously, Jetsam will be able to raise awareness of the level of plastic pollution locally. Reducing the amount of single use plastic requires behavioural change through community engagement. And less plastic equals less carbon.

Brambles Infant School & Nursery with Portsmouth Climate Action Board & Wilder Portsmouth:

Brambles Infant School & Nursery want to turn their school into a green oasis and encourage kids/parents to look after the trees and wildlife areas they will create! Tacklling the climate emergency by creating the opportunity for more lessons to be nature oriented; fostering a love and respect for nature among the children; reducing food miles and packaging by growing their own food on site, and teaching kids how to create a marsh/water meadow area that will sequester carbon, absorb surface water during heavy rain, and boost biodiversity, using movable planters to make the School Street more beautiful.        

The Waycup Scheme:

The Waycup Scheme is essentially a deposit and return approach for hot beverages. The plan is to provide Squidmoo Waycups to a selection of coffee shops, reducing the use of single-use cups within the city, focusing on the seafront.

They already have five key businesses on board and would like to enable more to participate. This funding would get the project off the ground quicker and enable them to purchase – then donate – more cups to more businesses.

The project would also align their aims with Portsmouth’s carbon neutral targets. This would be a progressive scheme to work towards making the city plastic free by 2030.

You can meet all of the projects here!

Sign up to attend the event: #BackTheFuture LIVE: Portsmouth Climate Challenge Sign-Up