There’s a reason for the saying ‘busy bees’. Bees work hard. It is estimated that they contribute over £1300 per acre per year to crop production by acting as wild pollinators.

Pollination is vital to our existence. The University of California found that a third of the human diet is made up of plants that are pollinated by insects. With lower levels of pollination, crops experience loss of yield or quality. However, we are not supporting the bio-diversity that insects need to survive. Our obsession with quick fix mass food production together with climate change has meant numbers have declined rapidly over the last 50 years.

Bees are like the ‘canary in the coalmine’. Their health and populations reflect the state of the wider environment not only in the short term but in longer term planning as their colonies are meant to survive for many years.

Bees matter.

Luckily, things are beginning to change. This week saw the launch of London’s first ‘bee corridor’ – a 7 mile stretch of meadow sown through parks and green spaces in the North West of the capital. Helping encourage bees to thrive and consequently boost the world’s plant bio-diversity. Without plant diversity human existence is threatened.

Happy bees, happy planet, happy people.

Here at Crowdfunder we’re buzzing with a hive of activity (pun intended) as several projects are crowdfunding to help #SaveTheBees.

Bee Saviour Behaviour wants to take #SaveTheBees to the streets. Ever seen a struggling bee? Their clever sugar solution carrier card helps people, especially in urban environments, revive exhausted bees that might otherwise die. With 2 weeks still to go on the campaign they are already at 137% of their target. More pledges means more active Bee Saviour citizens joining the community.

The Beehive Project Harlow is aiming to boost the population of bees at their community organic farm in Essex. Their first beehive saw their fruit and veggies flourish and they want to raise funds to purchase another two hives, to benefit the whole community including an education programme at the local school.

Beevive is a key ring bee revival kit to help administer sugar solution to tired bees all over the world. An innovative refillable way to always have that bee first aid kit to hand! £1 of every keyring sold will be donated to bee related charities far and wide.

With other campaigns such as the book The Homeless Bumblebee & Me and the Perry Mead Wildflower Project successfully funded we are starting to realise this important environmental change.

Join the buzz and #SaveTheBees!