At Crowdfunder, we’re proud to call ourselves the home of crowdfunding for British manufacturing.

Over the years we’ve seen countless successful British manufacturers raise money from the crowd to start or expand their businesses. Though it’s not just about the money as crowdfunding is a great way to drive brand awareness and customer engagement!

In this blog, you’ll find a breakdown of the crowdfunding experience, important links to our Knowledge Hub, and inspiring examples of past successful projects! 

So whether you’re looking to start, expand, or adapt your British manufacturing businesses, Crowdfunder is the place for you. 

The crowdfunding journey 

We know that launching your first Crowdfunder project is an exciting and unique experience.   But don’t forget that lots of work goes into building a great campaign. To help you on your way, we’ve broken your journey into four main phases. 


Make a plan, find your crowd, and build a strong foundation for your campaign.


Tell your story, define the rewards, and make your project stand out.


People who like your idea can either make a donation or pledge money in return for a reward  that they’ll receive once your project succeeds. 


Once your project has closed successfully, it’s time to deliver your rewards and get to work making your idea a reality!

Sound daunting? Don’t worry, our Knowledge Hub is filled with advice and guidance to help you make your project a success no matter what stage you’re at.

Check out the Knowledge Hub

Types of crowdfunding

We offer two types of crowdfunding options and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for your business! 

All or nothing

By using ‘all or nothing’ you will only receive the funds you raise if you hit your target. This funding option is best suited to British manufacturing projects that need to raise a set amount of money in order to carry out the project’s stated aims. 

All or nothing projects tend to raise more money and attract bigger pledges. However, if you do not meet your target, your supporters will be refunded and your project will close as unsuccessfully.

Keep what you raise (also known as flexible funding)

With this method, you will keep all funds you raise, even if you don’t hit your target. This funding option is best suited to projects that can make good use of any amount of money they raise. Flexible Funding projects tend to attract smaller pledges. 

Please note that even if you don’t hit your target, you’ll still have to fulfil all rewards that supporters have pledged on. 

Get inspired by British manufacturing businesses that have already crowdfunded 

Bristol Cloth 

Bristol Cloth raised £18,086 from 329 supporters to help them produce locally sourced and manufactured cloth. The extra money secured enabled them to invest in more equipment and materials to increase production.

Here are some of their amazing rewards…

  • For a pledge of £26, you would receive a clutch bag made from Bristol cloth with a brass coloured zipper.
  • For a pledge of £125, you would receive a blanket scarf made from Bristol cloth.

Lovewell candle manufacturing

In 2019, Lovewell, a Bristol based social enterprise, raised £5,595 from 80 supporters to manufacture a line of 500 massage candles. Through this, they would also be supporting women escaping all coerced forms of the sex trade, offering them the opportunity to build new skills and abilities.

Check out a couple of their incredible rewards…

  • For a pledge £75, you would receive three candles and two tote bags
  • For a pledge of £500, you would receive a group candle making workshop for up to 12 people. 

Other resources 

Help centre 

Got a question? Our 24/7 Help Centre is full of answers and support from the Crowdfunder Team.

Live online sessions

Our team regularly host live and interactive sessions to share all the tips and know-how you need to be successful on Crowdfunder.

+Extra funding 

We also have a pot of over £10million in match funding available to help support your business or project!