It’s been a big couple of weeks for Crowdfunder. I am incredibly proud that a year on from the first lockdown, Crowdfunder has launched VaccinAid in partnership with UNICEF – an appeal to help tackle COVID-19 on a global scale. 

VaccinAid started as a feeling, an obvious next step. As the UK’s vaccine roll out began, it felt like we were really turning a corner – here at least. But we also knew that while we are lucky to have access to vaccines – not everyone does – not everyone has health systems like the NHS either. We can see that if the world is to get back to normal, vaccines are going to play a big part in that. 

Jeremy Farrar’s quote ‘Until we are all safe, no one is safe. Covid is a global problem’ sums up the blocker to ‘moving forward’ perfectly. 

We knew we had to do something. Every day on Crowdfunder we could see in real time the essential role our platform was playing in communities across the UK throughout the pandemic. 

People’s lives and livelihoods weren’t always protected by support from the government, sometimes at all or too late and charities resources were stretched. Our Crowdfunders were fundraising for themselves, their businesses, local charities and causes in vast numbers. There were so many exciting approaches to the collective fundraising format – the last thing we thought we’d be doing is collecting a Guinness World Record during lockdown, but we did just that, after 6270 people joined us for a pint in the world’s biggest virtual pub raising money for The National Emergencies Trust Covid Appeal. 

We were inspired by how the British public came together in support of each other – it wasn’t just the donations, it was the comments on each campaign offering praise, encouragement – words that created community in a year of difficulties and unknowns. 

It was this sense of camaraderie and creativity that we wanted to bring to a global level when we started thinking about this campaign. 

Joining forces with UNICEF meant we could help to fund the delivery of 2 billion vaccines globally, and work closely with their brilliant teams to bring this campaign to life. UNICEF have an incomparable global network and expertise when it comes to vaccinations, and by supporting them, we can help fund vaccines, as well as tests and treatments, to 190 countries around the world through the global COVAX initiative.

Alongside our friends at the irrepressible advertising agency Mother, UNICEF and Crowdfunder knew we had to move fast. We could see the enthusiasm for the UK’s vaccine roll-out, and wanted to harness the sense of positivity around us.

Mother worked quickly to devise campaign concepts – focusing on what would embrace the simple, democratic format for fundraising that this campaign needed. VaccinAid emerged, and so did it’s call to action – Give the World a Shot. 

Give the World a Shot’s two meanings – both direct and hopeful, truly encapsulated what Crowdfunder and UNICEF are trying to achieve. It was then our job at Crowdfunder to build a platform for the campaign that delivered on this vision, something that would enable people to donate and share the campaign seamlessly on their social channels.

We think is certainly up to the job. Since launch, we have raised an incredible £300,000 – and as new people, partners, and businesses get on board, we hope to raise much more to support UNICEF’s vital work. 

What has been truly heartening though, like many Crowdfunder campaigns, are the comments people are leaving on Our world can be a tough place. But the love for our fellow people and the desire to help those who don’t have the same advantages we do is palpable – why not visit and see for yourself?