There are lots of different types of crowdfunding, but Crowdfunder is predominantly a rewards-based crowdfunding platform. What this means is that projects who choose to fundraise with us – yes, you guessed it – often offer rewards in return for a pledge.

We do offer the option to simply collect donations, but we highly recommend offering rewards to get the most out of your crowdfund.

Not only are rewards a great way of increasing the amount of money that a supporter might pledge towards your Crowdfunder project (approximately £40 more on average!), but it can also generate that all important buzz around what you’re doing. It gives you a good reason to converse with your supporters and is the perfect opportunity for you to test out your product or service.

Ultimately, projects with interesting rewards on offer make for more shareable projects, because friends aren’t simply sharing to get money out of people, they are sharing something where others will get something back in return if they pledge.

You might already have some rewards in mind that you’d like to offer, but have a think about the kinds of people that you are hoping to pledge and make sure that you offer rewards that they would want to receive.

Rewards come in all shapes and sizes and there are lots of different ways to make your rewards attractive to the crowd.


You could…

• Offer a 20-30% discount if it is available elsewhere.

• Offer exclusive behind the scenes experiences, tickets to events or masterclasses.

• Limit the number of each reward. Having a small number available will motivate the crowd to pledge early.

• Enable supporters to leave their legacy with some kind of supporters plaque or event sponsorship.

• Have different price ranges to suit varying budgets. £20 is the most popular pledge made on Crowdfunder.


Need some inspiration for planning your rewards? Scroll down to see what the team have picked as their favourite rewards seen on Crowdfunder so far.




The Choose Life Mat Project 


The reward: £20 – You’ll receive a 100% organic cotton yoga mat bag with the CHOOSE LIFE logo on the pocket and a single strap for easy carrying. The bag is designed to fit the CHOOSE LIFE yoga mat perfectly, however it could also be used to carry other mats! The dimensions are: 66cm length and 16cm in diameter.


“My favourite reward on Crowdfunder has been the yoga mat bag from The Choose Life Mat Project. I use it all of the time and always get compliments from people asking where it’s from, which of course leads me to talking about the project and what they’re about. Not only a great reward, but a powerful marketing tool to get the word spreading – even after the Crowdfunder project has closed.” (Hannah, Head of Content)




Snact’s Delicious Protest


The reward: £30 – Back by popular demand! You get 15 delicious banana bars (5 of each flavour) and very special pair of Snact branded underwear. Snact undies were a hit in our previous campaign, so we’re bring them back for an updated banana edition. Sustainably made, they’re just as natural as fig leaves, and a lot comfier. Please specify the cut you prefer(boxers or knickers) and your size.


“By far the best reward I’ve received – not only did I get 15 delicious banana bars, Snact gave me an extra incentive to pledge by offering added value in the form of BANANA UNDERPANTS! Re-releasing rewards once they’ve sold out is an excellent way of re-engaging with your crowd mid campaign. Whatsmore, I’m still wearing my Snact underpants today!?” (Guy, Business Development Manager)


Beach Guardian 


The reward: £25 – Helping Hands and Pans (which includes some of Rick Stein’s key people) will be putting on a four course meal in Trevone Village Hall on the 10th of May. Dining will be on shared tables. We must know of any dietary requirements in advance.


“Having a strong social and environmental purpose combined with a unique and limited offering, encourages you to put your hand in your pocket to take part in a special experience which is of excellent value and interest. Launching a limited reward like this with a strong name alongside it ‘Rick Stein’, allows you to start your campaign with a buzz and ensure that the first few rewards available are snapped up quickly. For the organisation the event will be a key piece of brand history and a source for lots of interesting content for the wider audience.” (Bertie, Senior Coach)



Bring Beavers back to Cornwall


The reward: £25 – Your chance to name our two beavers! Entry into the ‘Name the Beaver’ competition plus above. You can enter a male and female name, 10 entries will then be selected by the Cornwall Beaver Project and voted on by the public through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We will be in touch by email to request your names after you have made your donation.


“Who wouldn’t want the chance to name a beaver?” (Katie, Customer Support)



Tap Social Movement


The reward: £5,000 – Pledge £5000 and we will throw a bespoke private party for you and 50 guests in our taproom with a fully stocked OPEN bar and street food catering for all! Perfect for birthdays, a post-Christmas office party or team off sites!


“If you can, alway offer a large-scale reward. You never know who may be willing to pledge on your campaign so make sure they have the option to do so. Tap Social Movement are a brewery that offered two £5,000 pledges for a private party in their taproom, of which both sold! Be prepared to flexible with what you have on offer, their pledge could really make the difference. Plus, an open bar party, yes please.” (Max, Campaign Executive)





The reward: £30 – One bag given to a child in care. You receive a limited edition backpack with the number 1 and a handwritten thank you card.


“It lifts stigma in two ways. First, your pledge goes towards providing a bag for a child in care and second, you receive a backpack. So it’s not just children in care who use this brand. Though I’ve missed the crowdfund, I’m still thinking of buying one from their website.(Vanessa, Account Manager)




Bat Dog’s Forever Home


The reward: £10 – A signed copy of Bat Dog’s Forever Home with a gift card sent out before Xmas so that the recipient knows their gift is being made with care and will arrive soon.


“Still my favourite reward that I’ve ever received…” (Sami, Head of Coaching & Project Innovation)



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