Are you ready to start your business? You could win £2,000 toward your crowdfunding campaign to make it happen.

We’ve teamed up with Enterprise Nation, Crowdcube and everywoman to run a competition to find great new business ideas from women across the UK. All you have to do is tell us your business idea in 200 words to be in with a chance to win.

The competition is part of the Back Her Business programme. Winners will have the chance to unlock a £2,000 pledge, sponsored by NatWest, toward their crowdfunding target.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

How it works

This competition is open to all women in the UK with any business idea! We will be promoting five specific themes over the next two weeks—food and drink, fashion, technology, social enterprise, and wellness—but anyone can enter any idea at anytime between now (10 June) and midday 24 June 2019.

At the end, we’ll be announcing 12 winners who will go on to receive crowdfunding support from a dedicated Crowdfunder coach, and a £2,000 pledge from either Natwest (England & Wales), Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland), or Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland), depending on where they’re based.

For UK residents with new UK projects. Eligibility, fees, and specific criteria apply.

What is Back Her Business?

Back Her Business is an initiative in partnership with Natwest, Royal Bank, and Ulster Bank. Together we will help you raise money for your business through crowdfunding through free coaching, grants, mentoring, and opportunities to meet like-minded women through networking.

Why is Back Her Business needed?

Did you know that only one in three entrepreneurs in the UK are women?

In March 2019, Natwest and HM Treasury published the Rose Review which found that there were over 1 million fewer female entrepreneurs in the UK than there were men. Funding and capital were cited as the number barrier but in research done by NatWest and YouGov some startling statistics came to light.

It was found that 60% of women failed to start a business due to lack of confidence and belief which can manifest as Imposter Syndrome—a psychological condition where people doubt their ability.

This is why the Back Her Business initiative doesn’t just focus on start-up funding and includes coaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities.