2020 has been a tough year. A very tough year. A very, very, very tough year. So, this #WorldMentalHealthDay, we want to highlight some amazing Crowdfunders, past and present, that are doing amazing things to help people when they need it most. 

The Blurt Foundation

The Blurt Foundation has been a vital resource for thousands of people affected by depression. Though last year, they were the ones asking for help. They needed immediate funding to ensure they could continue offering their services for years to come. 

Over 1,936 people banded together to raise £52,040. 

You can also still donate to their project!

Their extensive list of resources include the Coronavirus Helpful Hub, About Self Care, and Mental Health at Work. These can be found here.

Big Sis CIC

Research has found that girls are three times more likely to suffer from depression than boys. Understanding that many of the problems impacting teenage girls have their roots in the transition from childhood, Big Sis CIC—a newly founded social enterprise in Devon—began a mental health mentoring program. 

Through the program, the team trained female students studying education to provide mentoring and support to young girls. They soon witnessed firsthand the positive impact emotional literacy and menstrual education had on self-confidence, emotional awareness, body knowledge, and body image. 

This inspired Big Sis to expand their program and reach two thousand and twenty young girls in Plymouth & South Hams. 

Then, in July of this year, they crowdfunded £18,948 which would allow them to do just that. 

You can visit their website here.

Worries to Wheelies

Inspired by COVID-19, Worries to Wheelies is providing free bicycles to those with mental health issues in the UK. Their aim is to encourage exercise and, in turn, improve wellbeing in the community. 

Their project raised £1,334 and is still accepting donations!

If you’re looking to raise funds for your own mental health and wellbeing themed project, then start crowdfunding today!